Calls for Submission

December 1, 2018

The Poetry Distillery is currently accepting submissions for our first themed issue. We will publish up to eight poems on the theme of “School.”

Send us your poems of education and revelation. Let us see your memories of significant discrete events, whether large or small, that occurred somewhere in the continuum of your education. Send us image-driven narratives of your growing pains, your rebellions, your social anxiety, your victories, your defeats. Show us portraits of your favorite teachers, hated teachers, favorite classes, hated classes, your crushes, your BFFs and nemeses. Paint us cafeteria scenes, sports scenes, biology lab scenes, locker room scenes.

The Poetry Distillery publishes a diverse sampling of the strongest, most exciting work in our community, and work with our authors to distill their poems to perfection as an extension of the workshop process.

Please post your poem in the Poetry Barn community for peer feedback before submitting your best work to us at

Submissions close on 12/31. We look forward to reading your work!